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Operation: Super Trooper

“It is no secret that Obstacle races are a huge trend and are extremely popular. Whether you are an athlete or just someone looking for some excitement on a weekend, obstacle races are the way to¬† go. We are great supporters of the Special Ops OCR and would recommend it to anyone interested in doing activities as an individual or even as a family.


I regularly compete in the Sergeant Elite as I am driven with passion for obstacle races and anything that I can compete in and challenge myself to new heights. OCR Super Trooper – was without a doubt a tough one to compete in. We are blessed to have rain and I think it’s the exact reason why everyone still showed up for this race, even though it was mud from start to finish. The obstacles on this course was a fun challenge whether you compete in the race for a chance to win or even just for fun. Groups were briefed beforehand according to the distance you would be doing in a very hyped up, professional way by Dieter Borchard. The energy and excitement was off to a great start from the get go. Early in the race we were challenged with extreme mud which made it tough to keep a decent pace as every step you took just added more clay mud to your shoes.


Most obstacles are set with alternative options if you were unable to complete the obstacle. Elite soldiers have no choice but to do the obstacles, which is brilliant as the officials keep a close eye on what you are doing and whether you have completed the obstacle properly. I find that on some other races the officials are very lenient towards your method, but at the Special Ops OCR the officials seemed to be briefed properly and won’t give way for the sake of being nice.


One thing I am highly impressed with, is the fact that this race is never the same, there were once again a couple of new obstacles that were creatively put together by the Special Ops team as well as Stefan and the C4 team which was a personal favorite of mine. Updating the course with every race is one of the big reasons why this event is such a huge success and why I will continue to compete. Competition on the race itself was tough, but it was a good race for me and luck was on my side when receiving the 1st place, standing next to Llewellyn in 2nd place and a fellow Ultimate Bootcamper and previous winner Pieter Zietsman in 3rd place.


Eager to see what lies ahead in the next race as we will most definitely be there once again to support this well organised, fun and exciting race.”

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